Comfortable apartment + security = 135 thousand rubles

We have already said that the cost of smart apartments starts from 25 thousand rubles. Today we bring to your attention a ready-made solution “Studio-Lux”.

In this kit you already get a complete set of necessary functions:

– Security alarm

– Fire alarm

– Video surveillance /remote access/

– Protection against water leakage

– Automatic lighting control

– Power supply /wiring, EUI/

– Management of automatic cornices

– Air conditioning management

– Control of TV, BR, DVD, NTV+, projector

– Home WIFI network

– Uninterrupted power supply

– Event log, e-mail notification.

– Voice notification: information, alarm messages.

– Identification of all users of the security system and timing of their actions in the event log.

– Graphical representation of information about the state of the security system, with floor plans and the operation of sensors on a PC.

– SOS function – turn on the siren, call security, send an emergency message. SOS function (new) on mobile device.

You can control the system from any smartphone (iOS / Android) or using the touch panel.

The shield is prepared for self-installation. The cost of a shield with configured central equipment, IP32 control panel, WIFI router is 135,470 rubles.

Get ready-made solutions that create comfort and safety in your home.

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